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Reasons why you shouldn’t use DIY site builders

Many people have fallen foul and i've even experienced the issue's caused when i've had client's come to me for help but once you fall into a site builders hold it's hard to get out the way you'd want. I say to many people, if it's just a personal presence you want then you'll be fine, but a business website or a dynamic one is a different ball game so you'll find below some reason why you shouldn't use online site builder websites.

  • You don’t own your own website. The major reason I’d stay away! The website files and code belong to them, not you. When you upload any pictures, you give up all right's to images, when you’d like to increase the capabilities/functionalities of your website, and decide to upgrade your website – all the work that you’ve done so far is for nothing.
  • Ads. You get a big “THIS SITE WAS CREATED WITH CREATE YOUR OWN FOR FREE!” banner at the bottom of your site.
  • No support. If you have questions, no one can hear you scream. They have support staff, but in many cases you have to pay. Would you pay your bank or insurance company everytime you called to ask a question?
  • Forever costs. The highest-priced plans are about £30 a month, or £360 a year. Forever. If you hired someone, you could pay for a new site that would pay for itself in about 2 years with no monthly payments in perpetuity aside from the domain and hosting renewal costs.
  • Not mobile friendly. Slow-loading self-built sites, that are data and graphics laden, turn off all mobile users and churn through limited data plans faster.
  • No differentiation with your competitors. At the time of this writing, The main competitor has about a few hundred templates. GoDaddy has far fewer. Some boast millions of users. GoDaddy has many millions, too. Guess how many other people have a website that looks exactly like everyone else’s.
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day. You can build a website with any other site builder in about 30 minutes. It takes more time to bake a cake. Don’t you assume your business or organization deserves more time and energy for it’s most important public-facing thing than a cake?
    We take anywhere from a week to a few months, depending on the size and scope of a project.


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Would you alter the price of a template?
Yes of course, the prices on the templates are merely a guide, to give an idea of the outcome.
I'm sure the price will change once e get into the discussion of your project.


We have every incentive to help your business grow because when you grow, we do too. We’re only as good as our last project.